Hello London!

We’ve moved! We officially live in London now. The move itself was pretty manic as it quickly became clear that we had accumulated a LOT of crap over the three years we have been living in Manchester. Anyway, we managed to pack our belongings into a tiny van and we were on our way!

IMG_2356 IMG_2355 IMG_2350

We managed to drive from Manchester to London in just over 3 hours, we signed our contract and got the keys! I absolutely love our new location. We’re right on the quayside so have lovely water views from our bedroom window. Although we’re in central(ish) London, our road is pretty quiet which makes a wonderful change to our flat in Manchester.

IMG_2373 IMG_2370

We’ve unpacked most of our stuff and the room is starting to look a little more like our own. I know that I’ll move everything around about twenty more times before I find the right place for things!

My absolute favourite part of our new place is the huge double height ceiling with windows in our bedroom, it makes it feel so light and airy. The last people who had this complained about the light coming through in the morning but I actually find it much easier to get up when it’s light in the bedroom.

IMG_2377  IMG_2376 IMG_2372 IMG_2371

Oh and there’s no way that I’m going to complain about the absolutely mahoosive wardrobe either but I definitely need to buy some new clothes to fill it!

I’ve just ordered some new furniture for the room so I’ll do a quick post once the room is finished and no doubt some more posts about our adventures out and about in London!



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